The Following film will examine how various movies such as “Jaws”, “Star Wars”, and “her” use music to help guide, direct and enhance movies. When watching movies, the experience is not just a visual, but is it also an audacious. Watch my very first film “Did You Hear That” and you’ll never listen to a film the same way again.




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  2. betmanuel · May 8, 2015


    I do wish you’d made this class a priority; there’s a lot of potential but you always seemed distracted in class and not very invested in it. This shows in your final project (not least of all because you submitted it late). There’s a strong script here but your video riddled with typos and sentence-level errors (“que” instead of “cue”, “unanimous” instead of “anonymous”, the fact that your title lacks a question mark, etc.), which shows a lack of attention to detail and which undermines the good work you’ve done here by pointing out the importance of music in film. The changes in font and delivery are a tad distracting but you do a good job of advancing your argument clearly even without voice-over. Overall, this shows great potential and probably just needed an extra set of revisions before final submission.

    [Half a letter grade deduction given the belated submission]

    Attendance/Participation B+
    Blog Posts B
    HER Scene Study B
    Final Project
    Presentation B
    Video Essay B->C+


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